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Burly Fellow. Designing a logo
Designing a logo for men’s range of skincare products specialising in beard oils, balms, soaps and waxes. Client wanted a motorcycle/hipster/vintage/tattoo vibe.
About Burly Fellow
Burly Fellow is an Australian producer of beard care and male grooming products that are completely natural. Range of products including: Beard Oil, Beard Balm, Moisturiser, Pomade, Hair Paste, Shampoo, Conditioner, Lip Balm
Samples from client for inspiration
Exploring and discussing with client additional samples for inspiration
First tries. Two general idea and two custom fonts presented - to determine the direction. Client likes the colors, likes how the things work on the beige background, loves the script, but would like the guy to be drawn by his tattoist.
Scripts list - to check if the name looks good when it stands by itself and to choose the winner font
Developing and construction of the selected script
Meanwhile the sketch by Benny Bones is arriving
A first art based on the sketch Client asks for tweaking: more detailed smoke, pipe is brown color, some circle around, some vintage touch ups - to make it look more hand drawn.
Trying different variations of a smoke to make it looks organic in our specific style
Changes applied. Client approves the final art.
It’s time to make black and white version for metal cut and other purposes where just one color allowed. The guy on the first sample looks a little lost. Adding more vertical lines fixing the issue.
Playing with the beard, mustaches, hair, hat and shirt - we’re getting another two fellows
That’s how the logo works in real life