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Calswag Limited. Branding
Developing two version of the logo and identity.
Keywords: Fun and very unique.

1. The text version - stylized “CalSwag|Limited”
2. The CalSwag Bear. The logo is inspired by the California State Flag. The main Character is a bear,
Client: “Feel free to take inspiration from the southern California lifestyle. This could include the beach, skate boarding, graffiti tagging, chic trends, beautiful women, etc :) !”
About Calswag Limited
The brand CalSwag will be producing very exclusive apparel with very deep artistic values.
Samples from client for inspiration (artist - Mathijs Vissers)
Initial sketches
Client: “Let's go with the stylized lettering and bear head. We can use the rest for other projects later on because I like them all”
Further Development
Final art
Facebook cover and profile pic
Twitter cover and profile pic
Business Card