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Hoomano. Designing a logo
Designing a logo.
About Hoomano
Hoomano is a company that creates software for social humanoid robots (incl. Nao and Pepper), based in Lyon, France.
Initial Sketches and Concepts
Further development
Final sketch
The final sketch is the perfect integration for:
- humanoid robots
- feeling joy when looking at the face
- simple and straightforward font
Custom font developing
The font built with circles to match the rounded shapes of the brand and to harmonize with the mark which also buid with circles. The proportions of the font counted in the way to be pixel perfect after decreasing 2x and 4x from original size
Final Logo
Minimum safe size
Extra Small size
1-bit version, adapted for low resolution LED displays. Thanks to simplicity of the logo and special proportions the logo could be reduced even to 35 x 25 px and still be recognizable.
After some time client is getting back with the issue: "Some customers don't recognize the smile face but sleeping face instead"
Trying to make the face expression more obvious
Improved Final logo