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Mezcal Kompagniet. Designing a logo and business card
Developing the logo. Usage: website, business cards.
About Mezcal Kompagniet
Mezcal Kompagniet is a holesale company selling product produced with the agava cactus - in other words - mezcal : )
Samples from client for inspiration
Initial Sketches
Client likes the very first draft and asks for additional options based on it.
Client sticked on the similar draft and asks to add a little more plant and some of the downside leaves and company name appearing below.
New sample from client for inspiration:
Final draft
Client likes the concept and asks to go digital and color.
Fonts options, alignment options. Client likes circular version.
Trying a few more variations - just to have the options.
Client: wow i really like the last two especially, option C it really catches the eye, but would it be possible to change the font type a little and im considering maybe adding a some kind of mexican style pattern instead of the dots on the side
Finding the right shapes, ornament and overall balance
Result. Client is happy.
Polishing, adding more details.
Client asks to create an alternative version of the plant in rough watercolor painting style to use within a business card
Client chooses this version. It's time to design the business card
First ideas
Client provides the sample he likes.
Making new design based on the provided sample
Making a few tweaks and client approves the design.